Adsbronco FAQ

NOTE: When you first join AdsBronco as a new publisher our payment terms are Net 45 for your first initial payment from us. You will then be paid monthly thereafter on Net 30 Terms. Payments are made automatically to your nominated payment source, as long as you have met the minimum payout balance of $25.

We can make payment to you via PayPal, or via Bank Transfer. Bank transfers are subject to processing fees.

Before a payment is processed you will be required to verify you address and your VAT number.
So to ensure a timely payout from AdsBronco, please ensure that you fill in all your details for your account such as your address and your VAT number, if you have one, under "Business ID", otherwise your payment might be delayed.

Our reports are generated in near real time which means you can track events such as impressions, clicks and earnings on your ad space in near real time.

You can easily view your overall statistics from within your publisher dashboard as well as see individual ad space statistics to see which placements perform the best.

AdsBronco currently supports the following ad formats: 300x250, 728x90, 160x600 which are the highest paying formats.

More ad formats are currently being tested and we will be adding mobile ad formats in the near future.

You can place up to 3 separate ad units per page in any combination you like.

You can submit as many sites as you like, as long as they do not break our terms of service then they will be accepted into our network and you can start serving ads on them instantly. Site approval time usually takes 48 hours. Once approved you will be able to use your add codes instantly.

If you still have a question then please use the contact us form HERE

If you are a current AdsBronco publisher then please use the support link located in your publisher dashboard to contact us.

Publisher Site Requirements

  • Your site must receive at least 5,000 unique views per month.
  • Your site must have been online for at least one full month.
  • Your site must be NOT be hosted on free hosting platforms such as blogspot, all such sites will be rejected.
  • Your site must be fully functioning and have an easy to navigate design.
  • Your site must not contain links to illegal, adult or indecent material deemed by us.
  • Your site must not contain excess advertising or be designed in a way to simply inflate ad earnings.
  • Your site must not encourage ad clicks.
  • Your site must contain near original content, or at least contain links to credit the original author.
  • We do not accept paid to promote sites or auto surf sites and programs to participate in our network.
  • To see our full terms and conditions for publishers please visit our Terms & Conditions.